The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India has unveiled a policy of "No permission - No takeoff" for drone flights. This means that public and private companies intending to fly drones in India need to interface with DGCA's infrastructure for flight permissions and other authorizations. These APIs are called India's Digital Sky eco-system. Aerobridge is a server that helps you interface with the APIs in a standardized fashion and be in compliance with the regulatory requirements around operating drones.

How can Aerobridge help you?

If you are a drone manufacturer, operator or just a researcher, you can benefit by adopting Aerobridge in your operational stack:

Test drive

Webinar and pilot program ✨

We work with drone manufacturers to enable them to become compliant with NPNT by regular onboarding run through our canary program. You can find out more about this on our regular webinar.

Get Involved

Aerobridge is fully open source and you can get involved by participating in our weekly calls (details shortly) and our Slack channel: Request access here. Whether you are a drone enthusiast or an expert, join our community to shape the future of drone flights in India. There are many benefits of participation:

Technical Details

This is an open source implementation of the "Manufacturer's Management Server" to help with key signing and managing interactions with India's Digital Sky API infrastructure. This server can be deployed to any public and private cloud and be used to manage communication with DGCA's Digital Sky Infrastructure and manage NPNT permissions. For a more technical introduction, see this presentation.

Aerobridge Stack

As of January 2021, Aerobridge provides the following toolset:



Aerobridge is licensed under a BSL license popularized by other products such as CockroachDB and Sentry. Basically, it means the following:

In other words, if you want to host / run Aerobridge inside your company for your own operations, you are free to do so without any concerns or restrictions. If you want to offer services to third parties using a release of Aerobridge the opensource project that is less than two years old, you will need an agreement from Openskies.

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